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Conference on energy crisis and energy security on 17 June in Warsaw

The conference is going to take place in the Polish Parliament (Sejm) on 17 June. The title of my presentation is: “Germany’s Scenario and Prepartion in Case of Global Energy Crisis” (in Polish: “Scenariusz i przygotowania Niemiec na wypadek (globalnego) kryzysu energetycznego”).

It is organized by the Environmental Assiociation EKO-UNIA (Stowarzyszenie Ekologiczne EKO-UNIA), Nationawide Coalition “Development YES – Open-cast Mining NO” (Ogólnopolska Koalicja “Rozwój TAK – Odkrywki NIE”) and Anna Grodzka – Member of the Polish Parliament from the Green Party.

Description of the conference at the organizers’ website:

Celem konferencji jest przeanalizowanie skali zagrożenia wynikającego z prognozowanego przez wielu naukowców załamania się globalnego bezpieczeństwa dostaw energii. Wiąże się to z wyczerpywaniem się zasobów paliw kopalnych, na jakich oparta jest głównie dotychczasowa gospodarka Polski i większości krajów. Dennis Meadows – światowej sławy naukowiec, autor raportu Klubu Rzymskiego (Granice wzrostu, 1972) ostrzega, że już przed rokiem 2020 można się spodziewać wyczerpania strategicznych paliw kopalnych, gospodarczego upadku i rozpoczęcia gwałtownej redukcji populacji.

Zasadniczym celem konferencji jest podkreślenie wagi polityki energetycznej kraju dla strategii bezpieczeństwa narodowego, z myślą o teraźniejszych i przyszłych pokoleniach.

Here is more information about the conference.

Here you may watch the press conference that too place before the conference.

Here you may watch the video taken at the conference and the panel discussion.

Panel discussion “Renewable jobs – jobs in renewables – facts and myths” during the congress organized by the Greens/ EFA in Warsaw

ziemiaThe panel discussion “Renewable jobs – jobs in renewables – facts and myths” is going to take place during the participatory debate about Poland and its future “Citizen’s energy for a good climate” organized by the Greens/ European Free Alliance (Greens/ EFA) in the European Parliament from 15 to 16 November in Warsaw.

What is the aim of this panel? As the organizers wrote:

In the midst of the crisis Europe is in need for new innovative sustainable strategies for jobs creation. For the Greens in Europe, investment in renewable energy is clearly one of the solutions to be implemented. There are many good examples  across the EU to follow. Together with the public we will be looking at the solutions which could be applied in Poland and how to unleash the potential of green jobs in Poland. 

During the panel discussion I am going to present the potential for jobs creation in the renewable energy sector in Poland as well the German experiences in this field. I am going also to discuss the potential for a transfer of these experiences to Poland.

More information about the panel discussion as well as the whole event is available on the website of the Greens/ EFA.

Fraunhofer MOEZ’s new approach “transformaction”

Since March 2013 I have been collaborating with the Fraunhofer Centre for Central and Eastern Europe MOEZ in Leipzig, with the group “Energy and Social Dialogue”. Together with the group “Strategy and Organization” it has developed a new research and working approach called “transformaction”. On the website of the group “Strategy and Organization” there can be found a short description of the main reasons for and aims of “transformaction”:

The world is in motion. The willingness to change, to allow scope for new mindsets and ideas and to pursue new paths – in short, the willingness to transform – is an important prerequisite for international competitiveness and innovation.

The approach “transformaction”, developed by the group Strategy and Organization, sees transformation as a transparent and structured process of change. An active influence is exerted on what occurs within a company and its environment.

We support our customers in recognizing the necessity of transformation and, together with them, we create the conditions in which this change can be accepted and implemented. Through our methods, instruments and experience, we empower them to plan and execute the change and realign their goals in a way that minimizes risks.

The range of services of the group Strategy and Organization is aimed at companies, organizations (networks, consortia, clusters, strategic alliances, etc.) and public institutions.

Descriptions of the services Fraunhofer MOEZ is offering within “transformaction” can be downloaded as booklets below:







If you would like to develop projects based on “transformaction” please contact me or the groups “Energy and Social Dialogue” and “Strategy and Organization” in the Fraunhofer MOEZ. Here are their contact details:

Fraunhofer MOEZ, group “Energy and Social Dialogue”

Fraunhofer MOEZ, group “Strategy and Organization”

Panel on “Energiewende” during the Congress of Germany Experts in Wrocław

The Congress of Germany Experts in Wrocław is organised by the Willy Brandt Centre at the University of Wrocław from 21 to 23 November.

I am going to chair a panel about the energy transition (Energiewende) in Germany titled: “Polityka energetyczna i klimatyczna Niemiec – Energiewende, ochrona klimatu, bezpieczeństwo energetyczne” [German energy and climate policy – Energiewende, climate protection, energy security].

More information is available on the website of the Willy Brandt Centre and on the website of the Congress.

Panel discussion about Polish energy policy at Fraunhofer MOEZ in Leipzig

The panel discussion will take place on 19 March at 7 pm. at Fraunhofer MOEZ in Leipzig. More information available on the website of the Polish Institute Leipzig.

Diskussion: “Heruasforderungen der polnischen Energiepolitik”

Die polnische Energiepolitik steht vor bedeutenden Herausforderungen. Welche Antworten gibt die polnische Politik auf die Fragen der Versorgungssicherheit, der Wirtschaftlichkeit und nicht zuletzt der Umweltverträglichkeit? Welche Prioritäten setzt Polen im Bereich der Energiepolitik?