Contibution: report about the big business influence on the Warsaw Climate Summit

Published by Corporate Europe Observatory, with research contributions by Karolina Jankowska, 19 November 2013.

Trouble always comes in threes: Big polluters, the Polish government and the UN

It is an inauspicious sign for the outcome of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP19, that Poland, a country heavily dependent on coal and notorious for blocking more ambitious climate change policy at the EU level, is this year’s host for the meeting. The Polish Government has invited private corporate sponsorship of the COP a first for the conference raising questions of whether this is being taken seriously as an international meeting of paramount importance, or a facilitated lobbying opportunity for those who have a direct commercial interest in burning more fossil fuels. The fact that one business sponsor, the steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal, paid for the building of the structures housing the international meeting and has its logo on it is powerfully emblematic of how corporations have captured the COP process itself1. Meanwhile the International Coal and Climate Summit run by the World Coal Association is taking place as a parallel event, with the support of the Polish Ministry of the Economy; they have issued a joint “Warsaw Communique” proposing the non-existent “clean coal” to fight climate change.


Presentation from the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s strategy workshop at COP 19

The power-point presentation (in English) entitled “Fossil fuel lobby in the UNFCCC process” that I prepared for my talk during the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s strategy workshop at COP 19 on 17 November in Warsaw is available here:

Presentation “Fossil fuel lobby in the UNFCCC process”, Karolina Jankowska

New contribution: “The COP19 guide to corporate lobbying. Climate crooks and the Polish government’s partners in crime”

messecoverPublished by Corporate Europe Observatory, CEO, and Transnational Institute, TI, in October 2013. Research and writing: Rachel Tansey, with contributions from Karolina Jankowska, Nina Holland and Belen Balanya.

The COP19 Guide to Corporate Lobbying. Climate crooks and the Polish government’s partners in crime

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is yearly talks have become a “must attend” event for huge numbers of business and industry lobbyists, all eager to promote their preferred “solution” to tackling climate change – solutions which protect their business interests, provide them with new opportunities to profit and most importantly of all, allow them to continue polluting the climate and destroying the environment for everyone. False solutions to climate change have been promoted by powerful corporations and business interests for years, from a free market in pollution – a global carbon market that helps rich companies avoid emission cuts at source – to public funding for controversial technologies like carbon capture and storage (CCS), nuclear power and agrofuels which have been shown to harm people and the planet.